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ROCKBROS Mini Portable Bicycle Pump


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Material- The RockBros mini bicycle pump is light and portable weighing 132 grams.  It’s made using CNC machined aluminum alloy to give it great strength and durability. The length of the mini pump is about 21.5 centimeters and provides a pressure of 150 PSI. 


Retractable Design- You’re able to pull out the rubber hose and easily position the pump for storage. It also comes with a stand that you can opt to use to attach the mini bike pump on the bicycle. 


Twin Valve- The RockBros mini pump features the Schrader and Presta valves indicated on the pump as S and P respectively. This minimizes the hassle of having to carry a valve adapter. 


Anti-Clamp Hand Design- This pump is easy on the hands as it features a hand protection design. You’re able to switch between the valves and maneuver the hidden pressure gauge without struggle. 


Waterproof- It’s a waterproof mini pump. Its performance is not affected by water splashes of rainfall.