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Cleaning Metal Rust Remover Polish


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Product Specification- This metal rust remover is an efficient product that comes in a 50ml capacity. It’s a type of a metal polish for any product with a metal area that may need a touch up. Whether a car, watch, truck, bike or even furniture, the cleaning metal rust remover will do the job. 


Rust Removal- If you’ve been having an issue with rust on your metal items, the cleaning polish is able to remove the rust and give the metal a brilliant shine. 


Protection- Aside from removing rust and other blemishes on metal, the rust remover also protects the metal surface from further disintegration. It provides that elegant glare with long-lasting protection. 


Suitability- The metal polishing paste can be used on a variety of metals. These include; brass, chrome, copper, stainless steel and nickel. The paste works to remove oxidative corrosion, stains, discoloration and rust. 


Usage Method- Utilizing this cleaning metal polish paste is straightforward. Apply the agent on the metal or towel and wipe of the surface back and forth. When you it gets bright and shiny, you’re done with the cleaning.


Quantity- The cleaning metal polish is a paste that comes in a 50 ml pack.