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3 In 1 Bike Light Alarm & Security Lock


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Product Design- The 3in 1 bicycle accessory is 8.6 by 4 y 2 centimeters. It functions as an alarm, a tail light and security lock to secure your bike. The buzzer material is made using Copper and it comes in an elegant and neat design.


Alarm- It has an alarm that can be operated wirelessly with a remote function. This alarm produces an ultra-high noise of 120 decibels. You’ll be easily alerted in case of theft attempt. 


Light- There’s a light that produces a yellow light color. It acts as a great tail light and has 3 light modes to choose from 


Battery- The 3 in 1 bike accessory comes fitted with an 800mA lithium battery for source of power. You’re also able to recharge the battery with a USB cable. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery and is able to last 15-20 days when being used. 


Waterproof- This amazing alarm and tail light is waterproof. It’s classified under IPX5 which indicates that it’s protected from water jets irrespective of the direction.