About Us

Lyclist is an online e-commerce store that caters to all you bike needs. Through our platform, you can buy quality and affordable bike accessories and have them at your doorstep. We are committed to elevate your comfort, expertise and overall cycling experience.

What Do We Do?

We are an online e-commerce store that connect cyclists all over the world with bikes and their accessories from reputable brands. We reduce the hassle of searching for genuine and sturdy products by delivering them to you.

All that you need is to identify the product, pay and wait for delivery. All in the comfort of your house. 

Our Story

We are bike lovers who have used bikes for years in virtually all the activities that we engage in. The journey on a bicycle started when we were young, just riding for fun until we became adults. Now, be it going to work, exercising or any outdoor adventure- we’ll be cycling.

We’ve used mountain, hybrid, fitness and road bikes and one thing is common with all- getting quality and durable accessories that are affordable is a challenge.

In our quest to get the best for our bikes, we were able to find reputable brands that not only provided products for us but also our friends and family.

With the rising need, it became a mission to extend our services to cyclers all over the world so that they get to have a better experience irrespective of the type of bike they are using. 

We sell bikes and related accessories such as saddles, seat covers, helmets, bike pumps, lights and computers. 

The best part? Some of these products are not only useful when cycling but also in other outdoor activities such as skiing, and skateboarding.

There are products for all gender and kids of all ages available. 


To provide quality and affordable bikes and their accessories globally and ensure cyclists elevate their experiences.


To be a global leader in providing valuable and high-grade bicycles and their related accessories.

Core Values

The values that guide Lyclist.com are;


We pride ourselves in providing quality products to our customers to ensure they get value for money. Our products are durable and their integrity is not compromised.


Lyclist.com started from our hobby of cycling and need to elevate our experience. This later developed into a passion of making sure that many more cyclists get to have this experience with not only quality but affordable cost wherever they are in the world. It’s that passion that keeps us going every day.

Customer Experience & Satisfaction

We strive to enhance the experience of our customers from the time they visit our site. All the processes from product identification, detailing, check out process and delivery aims to ensure that the customers get products to meet their needs with minimal hurdles while guaranteeing safety. 


We’re always on the lookout for new product designs to add to our product categories. This ensures that we provide advanced products to amplify cycling exploits.